Promoting Oral Health: The Importance of Flossing

As dental patients, we’ve all been asked countless times how often we floss. We hear this question at nearly any dental appointment. While some of us can honestly say we floss every day, most of us will say we could floss more.Read more

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The History of the Salt Lake Bees

Believe it or not, Salt Lake City has a rich history in minor league baseball. In fact, Salt Lake City has been home to a minor league baseball team for most the 20th century, although there were baseball-barren times in the city at certain periods.Read more

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Movies Filmed in Utah: Cyprus Family Dental Favorites

Here at Cyprus Family Dental, the oral health of our dental patients is always our first concern. However, we thought it’d be interesting to inform patients of all the great movies that have been filmed right here in our backyard.Read more

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A Comprehensive Guide To Avoiding Tooth Decay

While many patients struggle with the idea of visiting the dentist, regular appointments aren’t so bad when your teeth are properly cared for. With the right habits and a thorough oral hygiene routine, you could make your dental appointments much easier.Read more

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Dental Care Near You: West Valley

Dental care is extremely important, but finding the right dentist isn’t always an easy task. Everyone seeks a dentist who is both professional and friendly, with a helpful staff that makes things easy. At Cyprus Family Dental, right outside of West Valley, we can offer all of the above.Read more

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Dental Implants in Magna

Plain and simple, dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth. Whether you struggle with uncomfortable dentures or you can’t stand the sight of missing teeth, dental implants are most likely the best option for you. As a long-term solution to problematic teeth, implants have advanced greatly in recent years, utilizing quality materials suited for the human body.Read more

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Read more
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