Debunking Invisalign Myths

In more recent years, Invisalign has become quite the popular treatment method for patients seeking straighter teeth. In comparison to traditional braces, Invisalign offers a variety of benefits, from ease of maintenance to even quicker treatment time. Despite these benefits, there are plenty of misconceptions surrounding Invisalign and its success. Unfortunately, these Invisalign myths could potentially deter patients from trying the clear aligners, missing out on a great method in straightening teeth and correcting misaligned bites.

In an effort to provide our Magna and Salt Lake City area patients the correct information regarding Invisalign, we here at Cyprus Family Dental have decided to debunk these myths and back them up with straight facts. Invisalign is a great option for qualifying patients and we’re happy to offer it here at our office. Take a moment to lay these Invisalign myths to rest with Dr. Cantwell and his team at Cyprus.

5 Invisalign Myths

Now that Invisalign has been around for years, there’s been plenty of time for reviews and patient experiences. Within this, many conceptions regarding the clear aligners have risen. While some of these may be individual problems and experiences, others are complete myths. Take a look below to get the truth underlying these Invisalign myths:

  • Invisalign costs much more than traditional braces: Contrary to belief, Invisalign is quite often similar to metal braces in cost. Some patients have even found Invisalign to be cheaper.
  • Invisalign is only good for minor treatment: While Invisalign can’t exactly do everything braces can, it’s a viable option for plenty of patients with misaligned bites and crooked teeth. Plus, Invisalign can now treat more issues than ever before.
  • The aligners aren’t invisible: While this is mostly opinion, Invisalign is surely more subtle than traditional braces, in terms of appearance. Even with the attachments may patients receive, these aligners are fairly hard to notice.
  • Treatment takes longer: For adults, Invisalign treatment can often take just about a year, whereas teens can expect a similar treatment time to that of metal braces. It’ll all depend on each patient’s case, yet it won’t take longer if you wear the aligners as directed.
  • The aligners affect the way you speak: Many patients are afraid of developing some type of speech issue when using Invisalign, but the plastic aligners are custom created for each patient to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. Plus, improvements are constantly being made to the plastic used.

Invisalign Facts and Benefits

Now that we’ve cleared up many of the Invisalign myths, let’s take a moment to back up these misconceptions with some facts and benefits. Invisalign is a great option for many patients, presenting a variety of benefits. You can check them out below:

  • Invisalign aligners are removable, so you can eat, brush, and floss with ease!
  • Invisalign can treat many issues, including crowded or spaced teeth, cross bites, overbites, and much more.
  • Quite often, treatment time with Invisalign is a bit shorter than with traditional braces (this will depend on each patient’s case).
  • Appointments are easy. Simply stop by our Magna office and grab your next set of aligners and you’re ready to go.

Interested in Invisalign? Call Us Today!

Though Invisalign isn’t suited for every patient, those who qualify for treatment will truly reap all the benefits outlined above. Despite the many misconceptions, Invisalign is a great and effective alternative to traditional braces.

If you’re interested in receiving Invisalign treatment, contact us today. You can also schedule a consultation with Dr. Cantwell by calling us at 801.250.0203.

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